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Trusted Auto Glass Replacement and Repairs in Winnipeg

You’re driving along the highway and the semi-truck in front of you throws a great big stone hurtling your way. Suddenly, as you maneuver to get out of the way, it grazes your window and now your pristine windshield is tarnished by an unsightly chip, which can develop into a crack over time. Don’t worry. You and your car are in safe hands. Turn to the auto glass experts at McBride Auto Ltd. in Winnipeg.

We provide comprehensive and branded auto glass repair and replacement solutions to get your windshield looking like new again. We repair stone chips and small cracks and can replace your windshield quickly to get you back on the road. Driving with a cracked windshield can be dangerous and needlessly put you and your family in harm’s way. So don’t wait, let the auto bodywork and painting specialists handle it for you.

Give us a ring today to book an appointment with one of our skilled technicians.

One-stop-shop for Your Car Troubles

Drive in with chipped or cracked windshields. Drive out looking brand new.

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