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Vehicle Sandblasting & Paint Preparation in Winnipeg

Sandblasting is a quick and efficient way to prepare an old or classic car’s body for painting and refurbishment. This tried and true technique blasts away rust, old paint, scale and grime from deteriorating auto parts to get them ready to be restored and looking like new again. When performed by the professionals at McBride Auto Ltd. in Winnipeg, sandblasting is the perfect solution to give your auto body or parts the perfect texture for priming and painting. Old paint can be stripped off quickly, exposing the steel on which our painting pros then begin to lay new coats of paint.  Our technicians know how to safely handle the sandblasting process, and avoid bringing it close to your car windows and other sensitive areas to avoid damage from the high-pressure process. We use high-powered pressure guns and maximum air pressure flows to rid your vehicle’s body of accumulated debris and rust. Rest assured, our professionals will handle this critical task with finesse and care. 

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