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Paintless Dent Repair Specialists in Winnipeg

When it comes to removing door dings or minor dents from your vehicle, McBride Auto Ltd. is a reliable paintless dent repair (PDR) specialist in Winnipeg. We specialize in removing all types of dents, including hail damage.

Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art tools to meticulously repair minor dings and dents from the inside of the damaged panel. You can also rely on our experienced team to restore the value and appearance of your vehicle in a short span of time. Call us today for an estimate on our paintless dent removal. 

The cost of paintless dent repair is approximately one-third of the traditional auto body repair or replacement, which can be claimed from insurance companies. Besides having a reasonable cost, paintless dent repair takes less time than conventional auto repairs. Common applications for PDR include hail damage, door dings and bumps, minor body creases and any bodyline damages suffered in a collision. In a nutshell, for shallow dents and body damage, paintless dent repair is generally suitable. 

Contact us for a free estimate or for more information. You will be surprised by the flawless finish.

Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair

We have worked with many automobile dealers, insurance companies like MPI, body shops, fleet companies and retail vehicle owners. The advantages of our services include:

Preserve original paint
Repairs are completed within a few hours
Free estimates are provided on the spot
Boost the resale value of your car or vehicle
Clean work with no dust, dirt or paint overspray
More cost-effective than conventional repairs

More about Paintless Dent Repair

During paintless dent repair, our team will not use body filler or paint, thereby retaining the original factory finish of your vehicle. Sheet metals such as steel or aluminum, which are used to make the panels on your car or truck, have a memory. Our highly skilled technicians make use of bars, rods, pullers and picks to massage dents from the inside out. This technique does not put any stress on the paint and does not result in chips, cracks or breaks. We work hard to ensure that even the exterior polish remains untouched. 

Bring Your Vehicle into Our Custom Shop and We Make It Look Brand New Again

Call us for a free estimate.

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